Church School

Church School participants will be educated, acquire
knowledge, and spiritual growth through the teaching
of sound doctrine.
Spiritual education and sound doctrine are vital to
everyday living. It causes man to think, be self-
reliant, trust in God's timing, guidance, and awesomeness.
Church School builds stepping stones for one to be:
honest, reliable, energetic through courage and trust.
Spirtual growth and education will better equip one to
win souls for Christ (Kingdom building).


   Jarmis DeFlanders                   NaCara Glover
   Coordinator                              Co-coordinator

    Secretary:  Jaleah Matthews
    Financial Secretary:  Willie Green, Jr.

    Deacon Bert Hinton          Trustee Carlos Stallworth
    Coordinator                      Co-coordinator

Christie Durand
    Assistant Secretary:  Mildred Draper
    Financial Secretary:  Mildred Draper

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have
commanded you; And lo, I am with you always, even unto
the end of the world.
                                              Matt 28:20