Our mission is to bring people to God by faith in Jesus Christ
and develop their spiritual growth through the teaching
of the Gospel.
To help promote and build good character
as an Esther member.
To bring in and allow more women to come into the
ministry and commit themselves with a broader
knowledge of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.
To study to show thyself approved unto God.
Prayerful planning, developing and implementing the
work of the kingdom .


Carolyn (Wade) Horton         Mildred Draper
Coordinator                          Co-coordinator

Secretary:     Kathy Dailey

Assistant Secretary:       Shray Brumfield

Financial Secretary:      Margie Randolph
Treasurer:     LaRita Seales
Teachers:      All  Members
Chaplin:     Margie Randolph
Counselors/Advisors:      Virgie Davis,
                  Carolyn Wade, and Mildred Draper

Our lives are often changed by the vision and
persistence of individuals